gluten is painful

How Gluten Intolerance Causes Pain—and What You Can Do About It

Awareness of the gluten-free diet has caused many people to take an objective look at their gluten intake, especially those who suffer from chronic illness. This is because it’s becoming common knowledge that gluten sensitivity doesn’t just cause gastrointestinal symptoms. In fact, many people who experience gluten intolerance won’t ever have gastrointestinal symptoms. They’ll have other […]

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Back Pain and Gluten—What You Need to Know

Celiac disease—and even gluten intolerance—has a variety of symptoms, some of which have nothing to do with your digestion. When your body can’t process gluten, it can have a variety of effects on the body, and since everyone’s body is different, not everyone will experience the same symptoms. Gluten intolerance means the body has an […]


Co-morbidities and chronic symptoms in celiac disease

It is well known that patients with celiac disease continue to experience symptoms of all kinds, and even co-existing diseases throughout the rest of their lives, even after adopting a gluten-free diet. Called co-morbidities in the medical literature, some of these conditions can actually be life-threatening. Sadly, many take it as gospel that if you have […]

Going Gluten-Free

GOING GLUTEN-FREE: 7 Surprising Facts You Should Know if You Want to Achieve Dietary Success

EDITORIAL REVIEW: “If you are new to the gluten-free diet, or are continuing to experience symptoms, Heather Jacobsen may have just the answers you are looking for. ” Ron Hoggan, Ed. D, author of Dangerous Grains and Cereal Killers. DESCRIPTION: Written for gluten-free dieters and their doctors, this condensed and easy-to-digest compilation of years of […]